The Polytel® System

Polytel® Remote Data Transmitter (RDT)

Features and Benefits

Remote Data Terminal Product Image
  • Efficient new chip design with popular new features
    Low price and usability for multiple features and capability
  • All layers of necessary protocol inside RDT
    Allows minimal or no firmware changes in host medical device
  • No patient intervention needed to operate
    No buttons to forget to push, encouraging compliance
  • Store and Forward with up to 500kB or connected mode
    Reliable transfer of intermittent data and sufficient space for new features
  • Data tagged with unique ID, voltage level, timestamp
    Gives device manufacturer important information about the measurement
  • Real-time clock with backup battery, using GMT
    Timestamps test and data transfer for graphing and monitoring
  • Programmable General Purpose Input and Output
    Allows device to be customized for different applications
  • RS-232 and 3.3VDC; onboard and external antenna configurations available
    Allows use in various systems without hardware changes
  • Can sleep or be completely powered off without loss of data
    Adds reliability, saves battery power for intermittent-use devices by turning itself off
  • 300 foot wireless range
    Standardized product; range adequate for most applications like homes and clinics
  • Small lightweight module
    59mm x 22mm x 7mm
  • Module has bi-directional capability
  • Wireless transfer speed is 500-700kbps
  • cTUVus logo.gifFCC_logo.jpgCE_logo.gif

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