Telehealth, or remote patient monitoring, has been repeatedly proven as a strategy for improving the outcomes for patients with chronic conditions. Whether it applies to a congestive heart failure patient or a diabetic, the ability for a care provider to intervene before the problem escalates to an emergency is invaluable. We believe strongly that the benefits to patients of monitoring vastly outweigh its potential negative impact on the revenue of fee-for-service providers.

The Polymap Wireless “Polytel System” consists of products that use Bluetooth®  and BLE technology to transfer medical data wirelessly from in-home medical devices to communication devices like cell phones or “smart modems”. The data is then transmitted over the Internet to a predetermined server/service for delivery to healthcare providers, doctors or loved ones. Our products are designed to be inexpensive, easy to use, secure and accurate. We strive to make the Polytel brand as foolproof as possible so that compliance for patients is simple and accurate. By increasing compliance we hope to promote wellness.